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6-Lobe Screws, Torx Screws, 6Lobe Machine Screws, 6-Lobe Cap Screws and 6-Lobe Thread Forming Screws. Also 6-Lobe Self-Tapping, 6-Lobe Thread Cutting, 6Lobe Self-Drilling Screws, pan head, flat head, button head, high round socket head screws, can be purchased on this web site. Hard to find items our specialty. Shopping is easy and delivery is fast.

We believe that we have the largest inventory of Torx® Drive screws on the PLANET. Have you always wanted to own Torx® Drive screws, which are reported to be 5 times better than Hex, but could not afford them? Now is your chance! Click on the button below and give your name, address and phone number to get your paper catalog.


http://www.GenuineTorxScrews.com - these are screws made by Acument or one of their licensees
http://www.Aarons6-LobeScrews.com - these screws are made to the same exacting standards
http://www.AaronsSixLobeScrews.com - these screws are a unique subset of 100 degree flat head screws

Torx Screws - High Round Socket Head

6-Lobe Screws - Pan Head and Flat Head

Torx Screws - Button Head

Torx Screws - Thread Forming

Torx Screws - Self-Tapping

Torx Screws - Pan Head

Torx Screws - Floorboard

6-Lobe Machine Screws & 6-Lobe Cap Screws

6-Lobe Thread Forming Screws

6-Lobe Self-Tapping Screws

6-LobeThread Cutting Screws


6-Lobe Screws & Torx Screws are available for purchase here

This website makes it easy for a you to purchase Six Lobe Screws by offering the generic version of the Star Drive Screws as well as genuine Torx® drive screw. We believe that we have the largest inventory of 6 Lobe Metric Screws, 6 Lobe Machine Screw, Torx Cap Screws,  Torx Thread Forming Screw, 6 Lobe Self-Tapping Screw and 6 Lobe Thread Cutting Screw with the 6 Lobe Drive on this Planet. All are available for immediate shipping. The online database has over 27,000 different items. A Search page is provided to help you make a selection and search the database. Don't hesitate to call us if you need assistance toll free at 1-877-838-3575.


You can shop for 6-Lobe fasteners by clicking on any of the pictures above or Search Our Store for a specific fastener item or Browse Our Store catalog index.

6-Lobe Screws and 6 Lobe Torx Screws are unique and very efficient.

Unlike cruciform (Phillips) drive systems, Six Lobe Drive Systems create no camout forces to push the driver up and out of the fastener recess. Since camout is eliminated, little or no end load is required, thus, reducing fatigue and muscular stress during manual assembly of fasteners.

You can find these Torx Metric Screws and a thread cutting version, sometimes referred to 6-Lobe Floorboard Screws, for purchase on subsequent pages of this web site.

The Torx® Screwdriver System offers up to 4 times improvement over corresponding Phillips and Hex Socket drive systems according to some sources.

Let Aaron's web site stores be your single source for industrial fasteners (sujetadores). We have dedicated this web store just for Torx® Drive users and 6-Lobe Drive users. Torx Self-Tapping, Torx Machine Screws and Torx Thread Cutting Fasteners are prevalent on this website. In this regard we have provided a page on this web site where you can go to find more information about these screws. It will be updated quite frequently to respond to questions that we receive as the web site matures. It is the only place, on the web or off of the web, where all of your screw requirements can be met. If we do not have it in inventory when you place your order, we will get it and guarantee you that we will have it in inventory the next time you order that item.

The Low Carbon Steel Screw comes in Pan Head and Flat Head Torx 6 Lobe Screws and are zinc plated. 

Stainless Steel Torx Head Screws are available in 302 Stainless Steel (18-8) and a much smaller collection is available in 316 Stainless Steel. These screw come in Pan Head, Flat Head, Button Head and High Round Socket Head.

Alloy Steel in Black Oxide & Wax comes in Flat Head, Button Head and High Round Socket Head.

6-Lobe Security Fasteners and Torx Security Fasteners with a pin or post in the center of the recess can be found at http://www.AaronsSecurityScrews.com.

Torx Metric Screws and Torx Cap Screws can also be found on this web site.

All credit cards are accepted. If you need a quote by e-mail, Click Here. These fasteners are normally sold in quantities of 10, 100, 1,000 (or multiples thereof) but discounts are given for full carton orders. You may find that a carton order has the same or more pieces in the carton than an order for 100 or 1,000 and yet has a lower price. Because we are a volume warehouse supplier, we reward customers for volume business. Our web store prices are approximately 20% lower than our street prices at our physical stores.

Features and Benefits of the Torx Drive System.

It features a 15 degree drive angle which provides high torque transfer. Radial forces are drastically reduced resulting in longer tool life. The Torx Socket Drive Screws has been reported to be five (5) times better than an equivalent Hex Socket Drive Screw. It has vertical sidewalls which increases tool engagement. Unlike cruciform (Phillips) drive systems, no camout forces are created to push the driver up and out of the fastener recess. Since camout is virtually eliminated, little or no end load is required. Ergonomic studies have shown the Torx Screws of the Torx Socket Drive System can reduce fatigue and muscular stress during the manual assembly of fasteners. The recess completely encloses the drive bit, minimizing tool slippage and the damage and injuries it can cause.

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