** TORX THREAD CUTTING SCREWS, Torx Floorboard Screws **

Torx® Thread Cutting Screws and Torx® Floorboard Screws. Fasteners in Pan Head and Flat Head. Case hardened steel with either zinc plating or black phosphate. Black phosphate may be oiled or waxed. Hard to find items our specialty. Fast delivery.

Torx Thread Cutting Screws Pan Head Zinc Plated Pan Head Black Phosphate Floorboard Black Phosphate

You can shop for a Torx® drive thread cutting fastener by clicking on any of the pictures above or Search our database for a specific fastener or Browse our catalog index.

We carry a full line of Torx® drive pan head thread cutting screws in hardened steel with zinc plating and also black phosphate and oiled. We also carry Torx® drive flat head thread cutting screws sometimes called floorboard screws. If you should need other types of drive system screws, bolts or other industrial fasteners, please go to the catalog index on the browse page for other industrial fasteners.

Many of our customers have asked us how to remove Torx screws when they do not have a Torx drive screwdriver. Obviously there are many ways to remove Torx screws without a Torx driver but it becomes much more difficult with small T6 Torx screws. We tell them to go down to their local Sears, Home Depot or Orchard Hardware as the Torx drivers are readily available from these sources.

Torx Thread Cutting Screws

Torx Thread Cutting Screws comes in many forms, but the only form used on this web site is the Type F, which is hardened steel or stainless steel and four small slots near its tip for thread cutting.

You can shop and buy these industrial fasteners online. These industrial fasteners (sujetadores) come with machine type threads. You can go to the next page to search for Torx® Thread Cutting Screws by entering the body size and head style, i.e., pan or flat head. More information can be found about Torx® screws on our portal page dedicated to providing this information.

These fasteners are normally sold in quantities of 10, 100, 1,000 (or multiples thereof) but discounts are given for full carton orders. You may find that a carton order has the same or more pieces in the carton than an order for 100 or 1,000 and yet has a lower price because we are a volume supplier and reward the customer for volume business.

Shipping charges are calculated automatically while you are in the buying process. After you press the "Checkout" button a new screen will ask for shipping method, shipping address and payment method. If you are in California there will be an automatic sales tax added. In addition there will be 50¢ handling charge added to all orders. If you should want to try different shipping methods to get the one best suited for you, simply click the "Back" button on your browser, change the shipping method and click on "Continue".  If you want to try still another shipping method, simply repeat this procedure.

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